Mr. Capel

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Mr. Capel


The Stony Brook School, 1987; Drew University, B.A. in U.S. History, 1991; Mary Baldwin College Teacher’s License.


I started teaching in rural Virginia and navigated through the river valley of Illinois without the aid of Asian carp (the Illinois version of Virginia ham).

About Me:

I was raised in New York, travelled a lot and lived abroad, and settled into the Midwest. I adore my family, play clawhammer banjo, and take interest in music genres above/below the fret board.

My favorite children’s’ authors: Roald Dahl and Daniel Pinkwater. I’ve been pleased to be in education just long enough now to witness the age of the “ditto machines” fade out and experience the era of device driven learning(not speak and spell). Lego’s as part of a reading and writing platform is something I embrace.

P.s. why not read a book before its a movie? The popcorn won’t be stale:)



If you wondered how people studied bugs just 200 years ago:/

Go back to 1913 to see how to draw:) it’s pre-Lego so kind of cool